Tips & Tricks

Using Vinegar

All the time when customers call to tell me they have a spill or a stain the next few words I always dread “and this is what I used” I here customers all the time say they use vinegar to clean there carpets.

Yes it may get a stain out but may also cause permanent damage to you carpets.

Vinegar is an acid, and the last time I went to school nowhere on the periodic table did it say acid was good for carpets.

At approx $2.00 per lt at the supermarket if it was any good I would buy it by the gallon, there is one thing i have found over the 12 years with ChemDry we have many products far superior to Vinegar that will not only get stains out but will not leave re soiling residue.

Over the next few weeks, as well as giving some tips on what does work on carpets and why, I will also talk about what you can use vinegar for besides cooking.