Flood & Water Restoration

Water damage can never quite be predicted. Washing machines break, pipes burst and sewage backs up at any time of the day. During the last twenty years, Chem-Dry South East has made water damage restoration our no 1 emergency service. We understand the stress of such events and will do everything we can to assist and support our water damage customers.

Dermot and Michael have been dealing with flooded carpets in Melbourne for more than twenty years

What Does Our Emergency Water Damage Restoration Service Entail?

Detailed inspection and assessment of all property damage. Our insurance restoration experience allows us to give you an accurate indication of loss and the procedure required to get things back to normal again.

In most instances, extraction of water is required. It may also be necessary to move furniture, lift carpets, remove wet underlay, move contents. In some cases, the carpets/contents could require removal and disposal because of contamination.

Installation of drying equipment to dry contents, carpets, wall, ceilings, and floors. We use special machines that generate air movement and dehumidification to dry homes properly.

Our service extends to cleaning and sanitising carpets and soft furnishings once the drying process is complete. During the restoration process, our technicians will liaise with your insurance company (if required) to make things as easy as possible for you.

Our Emergency Contact Details
Dermot 0425 766 528 | Michael 0402 114 371

Carpet Protection

While we are there we can also apply Protectant, or Sanitiser, or Dust Mite Anti Allergen.
Our Protectant is called ‘PowerGuard’.
PowerGuard has a unique polymer base that makes it fundamentally different to competitive carpet protectors.
We have learned from using other polymers of the incredible protective abilities polymers provide.
PowerGuard provides a clear coating on the fibre that works by encapsulating soil and sugars into its protective crust.
This product provides unique layers of protection, giving a carpet the ability to resist re-soiling for very long periods of time.
PowerGuard also has acid dye resistors to help prevent dyes from bonding to the fibres.

Carpet and Upholstery Sanitiser

Milgo is the Sanitising product that we use when you have a problem with issues such as pet accidents, water damage from toilets or washing machines, or anything that is likely to cause odour problems or unhealthy carpets or upholstery.
Milgo is a professional strength odour counteractant and deodorising agent. We use this product on carpets and upholstery materials as needed.

Tile & Grout

ChemDry South East technicians will remove the pain and frustration of cleaning and sealing your tile and grout. Our premium high pressure extraction process, combined with the powerful cleaning solutions, can restore the shimmer and shine to your floors, making them look fantastically clean and healthy again. Let us clean and seal the tile and grout throughout your home for a better clean and a healthier home. Call us now for a free onsite demonstration and quote.