We attend to pet urine stains and odours on a daily basis, but rarely are we called after the first accident and often it is when it has become out of control. Customers often attempt there own clean up of this and only call us when either the smell is too bad or the stains are quite visible. Their is no home remedies for pet urine, the best you can do is soak up to remove as much as possible, refer to previous post of cleaning up liquid spills, soak, soak and soak some more, no salts or bi carbs etc. What is a small stain on the surface can be like an iceberg underneath, the carpet backing and underlay can be affected as your pet will urinate in the same spot multiple times.

We use a product called PURT, Pet Urine Removal Treatment.

Lets talk about the smells first: Pet urine is acidic at first, meaning it is on the lower scale of the PH around 5 and can if very acidic damage the carpet fibers if left, now the trouble is rarely will your pet come and tell you when they have had an accident, it is usually in a corner of a room. That urine will then turn to ammonia which is on the high scale of the PH and this is where the smell comes in, as well as bacteria. The urine dries to salts and crystals and will not disappear on its own, these need to be removed as when there is moisture in the air like humidity it will often bring out the smells and you think the dog and cat has just done a fresh one. This has to be removed professionally if you want to be smell free.

The Stain: often the colour of the urine is not yellow like the stain you find, but often quite clear just like us. Depending on weather you have pure wool or not will determine how much will be affected by the PH as the acid will make it brown while the ammonia will make it quite yellow. We can treat both of these but at times it is too late for even the experts. When it looks just dirty this is usually because the urine is a bit sticky to touch and it attracts dirt very easily just from vacuuming or walking on etc, this cleans off very easily however the dirt returns unless the urine is professionally removed.

I have only skipped over the bacteria that is in urine and as often is in a corner of the room or under furniture and left for long periods it is dark and damp and if a perfect situation for bacteria, when we clean and remove we also treat with a strong anti microble to remove bacteria moulds and mildews etc.