Tips and Tricks

So what can we use Vinegar for around the house

We spoke about how Vinegar is not good for carpets, so what can we use an acid for around the house.

It is a good drain cleaner or Oven Cleaner.

Blocked sinks: Partly fill your blocked sink with hot water pour in some Bi Carb Soda and then pour in some white vinegar and see the very fizzy reaction that will help clear your blocked sink, you may need to do a couple of times if this does not clear call a plumber. When finished rinse and wipe sink for a sparkling clean sink.

Oven Cleaner: Grab a jar and fill with orange peels and pour vinegar over to fill jar, leave for approx 5 days then get some BiCarb Soda sprinkle throughout oven then pour over orange and vinegar mix and watch the acid combine to eat at your greasy oven, Wipe clean.