Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Tile and Grout

ChemDry South East technicians will remove the pain and frustration of cleaning and sealing your tile and grout. Our premium high pressure extraction process, combined with the powerful cleaning solutions, can restore the shimmer and shine to your floors, making them look fantastically clean and healthy again. Let us clean and seal the tile and grout throughout your home for a better clean and a healthier home. Call us now for a free onsite demonstration and quote.

Vinyl Floors

At ChemDry South East we can rejuvenate that old or dirty Vinyl, commercial such as a Schools or Child Care Centres, or your kitchen or bathroom floors. We can cut back, polish and seal your vinyl bringing it back to that original sheen.

Leather Chairs

Leather is becoming more and more popular in the furniture industry. It is estimated that 30% of all new furniture sold is made of leather. Most consumers do not realize that leather products can and should be cleaned every six months.
With the ChemDry leather cleaning system, we have the tools to effectively clean, protect and maintain your lounges in pristine condition.
ChemDry leather cleaning products are water base cleaners that can be used on all leather types. It is an aggressive cleaner that will not affect the leather’s original properties or finish.
Your ChemDry specialist will be able to clean most soiling problems quickly and easily. Other cleaners contain solvents like alcohol or mineral spirits. These types of cleaners will definitely clean, but also will attack either the finish or dry the leather out.
Our products are solvent free and works without removing finish or harming the leather.